The 4sustainability system implemented by Tintoria Lomazzi takes the form of a series of initiatives and new operating practices.

  • we regularly check all our fabric suppliers;
  • we carry out the chemical risk assessment associated with our products to identify any groups of substances at risk;
  • we implement a sampling plan of our main suppliers and their articles to check for pollutants and the relative level of contamination;
  • we have created a dedicated team, also carrying out a training program for internal staff;
  • we internally shared a procedure aimed at reducing the risk of non-compliant purchases;
  • we have implemented a new entry labeling process to guarantee traceability;
  • we have a continuous exchange relationship with our partners abroad, in order to promote more sustainable production models;
  • we carry out periodic reviews of the system making use of an external partner, in order to ensure the correct management of non-conformities and the continuous improvement of our systems.