The dye-works has operated in the textile industry for over a century, passing on the know-how of four generations with the care and devotion that only a family-run business can give.

The family business was founded in the early 20’s as a yarn dyeing activity that grew in time and evolved by investing in innovative technologies and research and development in order to meet the increasingly pressing needs of the changing market.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Oekotex Classe 100
  • Global Recylcled Standard

After the second world war the business saw a great expansion in its activities, outcompeting other companies to become leader in the local textile scene.

Multi-process textile dyeing


In the early ’90s, the company expanded by adding resin coating techniques to its pure dyeing activities, enlarging the facility to an area of 18,000 square metres and integrating ever more complex processing such as solid dye resin coating and pre-fading, top-side foaming, lamination and bonding to meet the evolving needs of our partners in both the technical textile and fashion worlds.


The constant updating of the company’s advanced automated machinery and equipment allows our dyeing department to supply products with ever greater reliability and value for money.


Exceptional production flexibility with ever more rigorous process control is combined with great attention to ecological aspects, the environment and health and safety in full compliance with Consolidated Law 81/2008.


In the era of globalization, the market has launched new challenges to companies that must compete on both national and international levels and, for this reason, Tintoria Lomazzi ardently strives to improve the quality of its offerings.

Dyeing for every kind textile


We are able to offer services for all types of textile fibres without exception, including woven, knitted, mono-elastic and bi-elastic fabrics. We can offer innumerable possibilities for combinations of the various manufacturing processes, all within our facilities and without the need for external support, therefore guaranteeing unrivalled advantages in terms of costs, quality and turnaround.

Finally, the company proposes Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections every year to present new and special processes elaborated by our creative staff.