We deal with the preparation of fabrics with continuous and free spinning machinery that gives fabric a high degree rectification suitable for mixed items with elastic, polyester and viscose threads.

Cotton causticizing

We offer all types of processing of cotton except for mercerization, which we have replaced by cross causticizing, a textile finishing treatment for the cleaning the cotton fibres and improving their dimensional stability. Causticizing is used in the phase of preparation of fabric to improve the quality of subsequent dyeing.
The process for the preparation of fabrics includes consecutive:

  • singeing
  • desizing
  • bleaching
  • washing

Fabric purging

Fabric preparation also includes mechanical procedures such as diamond sanding, carbon and paper treatment, raising and topping. Thread and woven preparations are purged and bleached, with woven fabrics treated enzymatically, as, for example, cupro, while polyesters are treated to Debaca finishing on request.