The textile finishing department has a series of machines that give fabric a wide range of feels and finishes to meet the needs of our clients.
Thanks to our implementation of the latest technology, we can guarantee the  highest degree of repeatability over time.
In addition to purely mechanical action, we apply products that fully comply with current regulations in terms of ecology and environment and that modify the feel of the fabric, making it smoother, softer and more yielding or coarser and more robust.

Intermediate sanding, brushing and chintzing

For textile finishing, we use the following machines:

  • Airo, Tumbler for dynamic, wrinkled, soft and puffy effects.
  • Raising and sanding with paper and carbon for soft touch peach-skin effects.
  • Topping and brushing for the elimination of fibre excess.
  • Calenders for chintzing, surface breaking and feather proofing.
  • Sanfor for fabric stabilization.

Water and oil repellent finishing

In the fabric finishing department of our company, we apply soft and anti-wearing water and oil repellent treatments.