Dyeing of clothing textiles

We place great importance in the recent commissioning of new machinery for the dyeing of fabrics for clothing, especially in the delicate dyeing of woven textiles with synthetic, natural and blended yarns with weights ranging from 50 up to approximately 350 g/m. The woven treatment machinery includes air and water Jet HT and the latest German machinery.

Flat dyeing

The flat textile dyeing department has normal and special jigger HT machines. For the flat dyeing of cotton and blends, we have cold pad-batch and hot-flue machines for reactive and pigment fabric dyeing. All cotton/nylon fabrics are first reactive pad-batch dyed and then discontinuously with acid, as well as cotton/polyester fabrics for use as liners or work clothes before continuous Thermosol or Jigger HT treatment and then reactive pad-batch or direct discontinuous treatment, depending on the required quantity. Increasingly important is flat or drum TNT processing for technical fabrics destined to be used as absorbent cloths or cleaning media.

Pigment dyeing

In terms of continuous pigment dyeing, we guarantee the utmost highest quality in head-to-tail or centre-selvedge processing, which positions us top among the suppliers of such processing, also thanks to our laboratory service with a mini sampling line that faithfully reproduces production colour in 30 cm by 10 metre pieces.

Colour quality assurance, with unrivalled reproducibility from batch to batch, even after many years and work environment changes, is guaranteed by the total automation of liquid and powder dosing and machine distribution systems.

The dosage of the pigments is managed digitally in the dyeing laboratory that collects together colour control processes such as lab-dye computation, recipe calculation, industrial spectrophotometric production control sampling and fine adjustment and colour and quality controls such as water and light fastness, which form part of tests at every dyeing, with the total traceability of individual baths always on hand.