The textile resin coating and foaming department is the pride of our company. This service is 100% made to order with a extensive selection of various polyurethane resins, acrylics and compounds applicable both front and back. Our extremely well-equipped laboratory carries out any kind of test with A4 samples or washing, rubbing and the development of colour charts. As for pigment dyeing processes, we have a mini sampling line, of enlarged pieces of  50 cm by 10 m, for better evaluation of the results, feel and appearance of the samples before proceeding with production.

Pre-faded, pearly and over-dyeing resin coating

Among the various finishes we offer are worn leather, shiny, matt and innovative pre-faded resin coatings with extremely soft-feel characteristics.

Of great interest at the moment are  over-dyeable resins that are naturally prepared by us and then treated for subsequent final dyeing to ensure the highest quality dyeing outcome. Our pearly resin coating, for example, is very much more appreciated by our clients than that of our competitors thanks to the uniformity and unrivalled resistance of the end dyeing process.

In the over-dyeing segment, we hold the leading position for our single-facility preparation, resin coating and stabilization that ensures extremely tight turnarounds.

Foaming and metallic effect

Top-side and bottom-side foaming lends fabric an extremely well-achieved soft-look yet robust appearance. It is also used as a bonding agent for coloured laminates, giving the treated fabric a remarkable opaque and soft-feel metallic effect.

In addition to fashion proposals achieved with compounds prepared exclusively by us, with feels and appearances that can be customized according to customer needs, we perform resin coating to suit any technical application, from furnishing fabrics to technical clothing for work, mountaineering or city life.

Resin coated and fireproof textiles ready for cutting

With our fire retardant, breathable, thermo-tape resins with water column treatment, we can satisfy any request according to specification and standards with all the required technical characteristics.

We are one of the very few companies that can offer a finished product ready for cutting and fully prepared, dyed and resin or foam coated to ensure the highest quality in a single industrial partner.